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Fixing errors in Vectorworks

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@Kaare Baekgaard - you are not alone in your frustrations. I have often felt that the annual rush to push a new version out the door (Vw is not alone in this regard), means that Quality Control / Beta Testing takes a back seat and the End Users are expected to find and report all of the bugs that should have been fixed prior to release.


Some minor bugs in a release version are to be expected — but not to the levels that have been reported on the User forums, in my opinion.


What is especially disheartening about the current status of 2019, is that prior to roll-out it was being marketed as having fewer ‘new / big’ features because they were focusing their efforts on speeding up the user interface, updating outdated code and fixing old bugs.


Yesterday I gave up on 2019 SP2, after having fought with it for a month. I down-saved my project file to 2018, and so far the performance is much snappier than 2019.

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4 hours ago, Kaare Baekgaard said:

So the STEP export function does not work and has not worked in the latest few versions.


I encounter hundreds of similar errors in VW 2019, some small, but others quite significant.


I reported several errors in the past, but mostly I did not see them getting fixed.


Here are a few more:


Backup files never works if you include complex objects. Geometry gets lost in the compression. Yet I cannot choose to make uncompressed backups.


The 2D/3D selection tools has never worked properly since the 2D selection tool was ditched. Yet the 2D selection tool is not included in the legacy folder.


The floating data bar has several random inconsistencies and often displays incorrect values.


Drawing 2D objects in ,Screen Plane Only' mode is somewhat predictable. But every few minutes the app randomly changes itself into the 'screen-aligned' mode, where rules subtly change.


The list goes on, and I have to be careful here, because I am given to ranting.


I think the annual updates combined with the service select system has created a stressed situation, where basic errors are not corrected, because all effort goes into new features.


The growing list of uncorrected errors is a big problem for me. It stops me from doing what the application is supposed to let me do.


As a service select member I am willing to forego new features for one year, if the errors get fixed.


Am I alone in this sentiment?





No, you are not. I agree with everything you've mentioned. The annual upgrade has been a terrible idea.

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