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moving a project from 2018-2019

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After upgrading to Mojave the project I am working on have had an enormous increase in crashes. 

Also on just the simplest operations. Just choosing a different layer can cause the file to crash/lock.

Trying to edit a title block causes the program to lock.

We are now considering moving the project from 2018 to 2019.

Just want to known if it's recommended to move a project from 2018 to 2019?

What do we need to be aware of?

The main file is an 190MB project sharing file. And we have a detail file that is 20MB also a project sharing file.

We are also working in full BIM so if there is a chance that we will loose IFC tags on a lot of objects, its a bit of a problem.

Will there be another SP for 2018 that will fix some of the compatibility problems with Mojave?

Before upgrading to Mojave we did not have the same issues.

There is a lot of frustration on using VW at the moment a specially with complex BIM

We are all pretty good VW users in the office and been happy with the program until this dark period with crashes an Mojave happened.

It has come to the point that we are considering to change program.




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2 hours ago, ida said:

😭 but guess it does not help to cry.....

You have my full sympathy.


I have stayed on 2018 because it looks like there are still too many issues with 2019. I've judged that moving would cause me more hassle than sticking with 2018 even though it still has loads of problems that we have been told will now never be fixed. It is at least the devil I know. If 2019 seems to be better 6 months hence, then maybe I'll reconsider but I suspect I might just sit it out until 2020 appears.


I'm staying well away from updating to Mojave at the moment because it seems just to add to the problems.


Is it an option to roll back from Mojave to whatever you were on before?


I too have recently given a lot of thought to changing programme. For now, I am just hoping that VW can manage to get things back on track soon and give us something stable because moving programme is a whole other level of pain and disruption.




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