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Kind of. I don't have time right now to find exact steps so hopefully this will be enough.


With an Unstyled title block,  from the OIP click he Edit Title Block Layout button.


Choose of place a text block where you want the file name to appear. It should say     Text in Title Block at the top of the OIP.


At the bottom of the OIP under Title Block Data set a Data Type of Link Value and a Parameter of Project Data:File Name.


Exit the Title Block Layout.


You can then save the edited Title Block as a new Style for future use.


You may be able to edit a Style of Title Block from the Resource Browser, but I am not certain.

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I guess I may be looking for the same thing or not.  I'd simply like to have a piece of text that upon inserting it will show the current file path or that it is part of a custom titleblock.

I've been digging but not finding anything.  Is it attained by some kind of text string in a Record other than P_File Name?

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Perhaps I'm being misunderstood.  I've figured out how this works in v2019.  In v2017 the data stamp only shows the file name not the file path.  Yes I understand how I can turn of all other info except the file name.  Its the file path that I'm interested in for v2017.  If there is a way how do I do it?

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In 2017 there is no easy way to have a text block that will automatically update when the file name changes.


Relatively easy to make a semi-static text block that could be updated by a script or a PIO that could be regenerated, but you would need to manually run the script or regenerate the PIO when the file name changes.

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