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Vectorworks to Rhino Export : VW Classes Export as Rhino Layers Option



It would be great if anyones, and by anyone I mean my, Vectoworks Class Structures would Export to a Rhino 3DM file as the Equivalent of a Rhino Files Layers. This would help quite a bit for work flow and would value add and reduce labor for the file Export/Import exchange. Any idea if this is possible or being considered?


Been Chewing on this issue a while in my work flow.



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In theory it should be possible as Rhino used to be a AutoCAD add-on and still resembles AutoCAD in its user interface with some things. Unless they made big changes in the inner works  my guess would be that there should be enough similarities with the DWG format regarding layers that tweaking the DWG export might be a basis to start from.


In the meantime you could try exporting to DWG and then import that into Rhino to see if that does get the layers into Rhino. (When used in conjunction with Vectorworks I mostly use Rhino to get DWG imports fixed before importing into Vectorworks so I didn't really test the other way around, maybe I should, as I do export from Vectorworks to Rhino sometimes).

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Thanks I will dig into that and try that. Perhaps there is a way to get my classes over to layers via dwg. Then at least there is an idea of what my intents are for the geometry exports they will receive as well.


I am just trying to establish  interoperability between my work in vectorworks and other programs. Particularly Rhino. I have a chuck of time dedicated to that this weekend, time to see if I break anything or find a better way. I'll post an update if I find anything worth while.

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