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Vectorworks to Rhino and Back Again... A Hobbits Journey... Why no Classes to Layers Translation?

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I have been cultivating a workflow between myself and some semi-new consultants. I use Vectorworks at the moment to Mainly define the Project, ie Scope of Work and then Generate the Existing 3D Geometries and what Design Geometries and Info I am responsible for. Within the current workflow I export all that to Rhino and then I get Rhino files Back again to import into Vectorworks. This process happens numerous times with different Consultants per the usual back and forth of work.


Question I have : is there some reason why classes in Vectorworks Do Not Export to Rhino as the equivalent of its Layers?. It would make interoperability 150x faster... or perhaps more... maybe less... but definitely better.

Is there something within the program or the larger world I am not aware of to achieve this? Or is this not possible yet?


Any help with getting my classes and their corresponding geometries exported to Rhino on correspondingly named Rhino Layers containing that Geometry, so we all can easily access, modify, design and turn them off and on etc etc within Rhino would be great! This would allow us to get into the Design exchange worlds even faster. Any clarity or thoughts would be appreciated.



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