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11.5 Crashing

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Running 11.5 on an XP machine. Crashes are rare. But it seems certain that if I fail to autosave, it will crash.

Coworkers use ACAD. Their crashes are much more frequent.

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I to have all these problems VW11.5 users are experiencing. I have a brand new 3.4ghz laptop running XP pro. Prior to updating 11.5 I had no problem at all with crashing. Since updating it doesn't seem to stop crashing. I even unistalled VW's completely and installed from scratch without any improvement.

...So is there a fix?

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MacOSX has the same problem. I experience random crashes on 11.5 also. Sometimes I get a low memory warning, sometimes if just shuts down. This was also happening with 11.0.1 too. I have watched the memory allocation on my computer. There is definitely something that takes bits of memory and never gives it back as I work in VW.

Mac OS 10.3.8

G4 dual processor

1.25 GHz

2 gig Memory

64mg Video

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I've experienced the same random crashes, way too many to stay at 11.5. Rolling back tomorrow until this is resolved.

Clean install of XP Pro, with SP-2 ..

Last week updated the video drivers.. Did not help!

Two days ago I did a complete remove, including cleaning the registry of both VW 11.5 and Quicktime? and reinstalled off of supplied CD? VW 11.5 and QT 6.5.1..

Did not help!

Crash happens at simple moves, cut and paste, insert text? Always get the XP encountered error message. Maybe Nemetschek should build an error report into the application.


Windows XP, SP2 VectorWorks/Industry Package

Asus P4P800 @ 1.8 Ghz

1 GB Memory

Matrox Millennium G450 w/dual monitors ~ Driver Version

My hard drive also starts activity just before VW quits. While this is happening there is a second or two pause before VW hangs.

Good luck on resolving the issues. Love the product. Been around since Ver. 8..

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Experiencing similar issues on the Mac side. The other day while working on a very basic survey plan use of the Zoom Tool caused an immediate kernel panic. The space#text in the ParkingSpace PIO was too large to view on a Cinema20" !

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I wonder why NNA are taking so long to responed...is it that they know of the problem and fixing or is it that they dont want to know and cant fix it.

I have been using the program since MiniCad and really, nothing like this has ever happened to the degree that not one particular machine is the cause of the crashing.

I have even sent an email to tech support at NNA with no response.

Dont let all your users hangging NNA...let us know what is going on with this poor upgrade.

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Many crashes on fairly new and very stable IBM Thinkpad running XP. New files, old files, imported DWG or DXF....no difference. Usually goes down during editing tasks.

If no resolution from the Maryland countryside soon...looks like I'll join the herd and head back to the VW 11 barn.

Cheers, WB

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Honestly, the crashes are a nighmare scenario. But on v11 there were far fewer crashes but more file structure corruptions.

At least now the app just drops off before parts of the code are obliterated. There seems to be an issue with a couple .dylib routines.

Rest assured VW Programmers are scrablling and eating a lot of pizza at the moment tryin to get this bug-a-thon resolved.

NNA made the mistake of violating version convention when they 'Publically' jumped from 11.01 > 11.5 . If these issues were associated with 11.2 , everybody would just wait for the fix before doing the upgrade. But as it is, we were all sorta sucked into a 'free' upgrade. Imagine the indignation if we had to shell out $$.

On the upside v11.5 offers some real benefits and has fixed some of the compiler issues. It includes many OSX refinements.

It's just ...unstable at this moment in time.

I have faith that the NNA Family is fully committed to resolving ALL conflicts.

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For those of you who don't read it, this was posted to the VectorWorks Mailing List:


Nemetschek North America will be releasing a service pack for the

Windows version of VectorWorks shortly. It resolves the problem which

has been discussed on this list where the VectorWorks application will

crash at random and unpredictable times. As this problem only affects

the Windows version, we are not releasing an equivalent Mac service pack

at this time.

You will find the new release on our downloads page within a couple of



Please note that this release is not our traditional x.x.1 maintenance

release. You can expect to see an 11.5.1 release later this year which

contains additional fixes for other problems. We feel that the Windows

stability issues being experienced by some of our Windows customers are

serious enough to warrant the release of an unscheduled service pack to

address them.


Paul Pharr

CAD Software Manager

Nemetschek North America

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Thanks Paul.

A question, when you run the update and it asks which version you want updated, is it the original VW 11.0.1 or is it VW 11.5.exe that needs to be updated ?

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