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Renderworks texture preview different from actual result

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I was hoping someone could shed light on this issue. I may be setting it up incorrectly as I don't have much experience with textures. Basically what I am unable to replicate the preview of a renderworks texture in the actual model. I've attached a couple reference photos. The desired result is to map this texture to a flat surface or bulge to emulate a densely packed crystal chandelier.






Glow Shader.png

Image Bump.png

Image Color.png

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I didn't realize I needed displacement mapping enabled in renderworks. I was using fast renderworks and realistic interior fast without displacement mapping checked. Here's the result when the settings are correct. It's not exactly what I'm looking for but way better. If anyone has any other suggestions to improve the look, I'm very open to feedback. Thanks!



Fixed Result.png

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Thanks for the input thus far. It's a fair point that making my own pattern is the better solution. I was just using the included star drop texture. Does anyone know if there is a limit to how large the texture can be? I would basically be creating the entire chandelier to be extruded using displacement mapping rather than having 20,000+ objects. This method however sacrifices the glass texture which I think is ok considering the performance and rendering time differences (I don't know if there would be time saved with this method over rendering the geometry. My assumption is yes.)


Thanks again!


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