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VW 2019 SP2 crash during autosave



Hello All. I have experienced several program crashes last week. No spinning ball , no warning, program  just vanished from screen after split of second hesitation. All I did meanwhile, was using search box to find a specific class. After crash I went to folder which keeps backup files and each time back up was saved exactly same hour when crash happened. My backup autosave interval is 5 minutes. It might be coincidence but I suspect that crashing is somehow related to auto saving. 

Did anyone else had similar problem?

It is a brand new computer just built a week ago. I am using VW 2019 Architect SP2. Software and Backups are on Partition 'C' (SSD) , project files on separate hard drive (SSD). I attached DxDiag for your reference.


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9 out of 10 of my crashes are right at the autosave moment. I've noticed this repeatedly throughout vw2019. It's not during every autosave, as I have it set to 4 minutes, but quite often the program crash is right in the same minute at the save file.

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@Kevin it is a very good point. I have not been aware of switching autosave to number of operations. However it seems to be just a temporary walk around.

Interesting is that previously I have worked for several weeks on another machine: Dell 7710 mobile workstation and it has never happened to me. Just trying to figure out if any setting could prevent it but still no clue. For now I have reduced speed of RAM memory to standard 2133Mhz (was overclocked to 3200) and will test it for couple more days.

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