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Font trouble

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i was working on a v.11.01 of vectorworks and I updated to 11.5. However, since I am a user in Greece I use Greek fonts (unicode fonts)but I encountered a problem with the capital Greek "Σ" which can be written ok but everytime I try to edit the text every instance of it changes to "". The program also has a problem identifing this letter on file names as well. I use a windows 2000 (service pack 4). Why this stupid behaviour? Doesn't VW use the unicode encoding? and if not why? Aren't we all non english speaking users entitled to support of our language?

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I Bought it from a local distributor (local in terms of country but he is still in another town). I usually don't have the support I need and in a world full of Autocad I have to fight my battles to persuade people to use your software. Having problems with fonts like the one I have REALLY gives your excellent software a bad name. Why on earth don't you support fully the unicode encoding? Even Microsoft does!

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does VW 11.5 support unicode fonts (running on Mac OSX 10.3.9)? if not, will any future versions of the software? are there any 3rd party solutions?

i need answers folks. not all projects are done for english speaking clients...

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Yesterday I made the mistake of including a Symbol Font in an equation note and the result was ... well ... utterly wierd ... objects disappeared or became inaccessible...layers simply vanished ... the file was unworkable until I removed that one instance of Symbol Font... thankfully I am all to mindful of these Font issues. Beware all unsuspecting Users.

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Now VW 12, but still no unicode support!!!!!What the f.... do they think when it comes to creating a piece of software to be sold internationally? How does Nemetschek NA expects us to use its own software when all competition has turned to unicode? It's not just a wish item, IT'S A NECESSITY. Don't you get it? Do something Nemetschek, and do it fast, or expect to lose many international customers

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