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dwg export - color/line weight by class

Samuel Derenboim


One annoyance that engineering consultants using cad have complained about is that when we export files, they end up being a single color (if we work in a black and white line format). Noticed that color by lineweight can be exported, however, color by class and line weight by class isn't an option. I believe that is one of the most important, if we set up the class settings in our work flow, all we have to do is export it that way. That can be done in cad, however, the command - set to layer - is only in autocad. If consultants work in anything other than autocad, they cannot convert to color to class (or layer in this case) in blocks or groups. 


Hope this can be added in the future. 

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You can't if you export a master design layer with plans shown as design layer viewports. You have to either explode them, or export sheetlayer viewports separately. The consultants I work with scream bloody murder when you make them put together all plans and elevations into a master file.


Exploding the viewports would take forever in a large BIM file in order to convert all referenced design layer viewports into linework / polygons. It is also impossible to set viewports overrides to show line color by class, unless maybe iI'm missing something?


There is also the problem of exporting to separate dwg files, different symbols might have the same name in different exported dwg's. So when you copy an object like a door in one dwg exported from VW, for some reason, it pastes a window in another dwg exported from VW simply because the symbol was named the same upon export, or perhaps the same symbol with a different insertion point. So I figure it's simply better to have one master layer file.

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Sorry @Samuel Derenboim I don't know what you mean by a Master Design Layer. Does this mean you have ONE Design Layer? I guess I'm also not sure why changing the colour of your Classes wouldn't work before you export. 


I generally don't export Sheets or entire files but individual or sets of Design Layers to consultants. Six or 7 years ago I used to have an old PC with an old version of ACAD reader so I could check files coming in & those being exported for issues. I've not had to do this for some time now. 


Also, I'm not sure why one would have different Symbols with the same name. It's a rule here that NOTHING is has the same name to prevent conflicts.


Sorry I'm not more help

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