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Pipe & the 3d Connexion Space Nav

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so instead of a piping tool...if there was a way to connect the pipes using "mates" then the pipe would be connected like a train...


all though the 3d space nav makes it really easy to reconnect WITHOUT any special helping tools...so maybe scratch the above "mate"  idea



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Well.... mates (I assume you got this from Onshape, as it is a Solidworks term too and the Onshape developers also wrote Solidworks), or parametric 3D constraints, are something you'll find mostly in mechanical modeling (capable) software and not so much in general 3D modelers.


It would be nice to have in VW too as it can really help to keep 3D objects together or define interdependencies in 3D positions of objects without having to resort to grouping or creating "container" symbols to achieve this. The spacenavigator making it relatively easy to reconnect things may be fine for a few objects but if there are a lot of objects that have fixed positions relative to each other then having mates/parametric 3D constraints can come in very useful.


One item I would really like to see mates/parametric 3D constraints or even just "magnetic connections" are roads. Every time T-crossings etc. move I'm wishing VW would finally implement this so that the connecting roads will extend/shrink or move along with the T-crossing as you keep reconnecting roads all the time without it. (I do change road layouts a lot when developing masterplans as the requirements keep changing and additions/removals to the base layout are more a norm than an exception)


There are already 2D constraints available so having 3D constraints would not be an exotic request.

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sometimes you just need to piece things together one part at a time and not worry about "mates" and linking...



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The new Truss tool segues nicely into this.

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