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Box corner

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Hello, using VW2019.


I want to create a box corner HD44 with bold on connector Bob 100.

I understand it is not really possible with: insert truss tool.


The orginal drawing is from Sketsup see file 1. 


Now i draw a FD44-BLK and i want to put 4 x Bob100 a side.

With align is get the at the box corner .... but i has no snapping ?

I also dont get the 'round' in 3D.


Is there a easy way?


Next project is the 50cm truss with slimline doughty hook on it ...





Knipsel 1.JPG

Knipsel 2.JPG

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@rvanheesIn order to get the Bob 100 to connect using the Auto Connect engine you have to set it up as a truss symbol with the truss record.  Anyway that you can post the file and I can take a look for you.  It is not a complex or difficult process, just a little tedious and you have to know the intricacies of how to set up these special truss symbols.


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that would be very helpfull, last time you made a nice video so I understand complete what you did.


I made a new file, above you see a part of the imported DWG sketup file, i wanna build the same in VW.

The blue is Sketup and yellow VW.


TNX !!





Example VW Corner.vwx

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I will take a look at this and set this up for you.  Too bad that you aren't looking to use the FD34 as we released a whole library of spacers and connectors for that model in January.  I will post a new file here for you shortly with your BOB100 connector all setup.  Sometime this week I will send you a DM on how to setup custom symbols for proper Braceworks connections.

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TNX, but the client wanted HD44 (now i am using FD44 because there is no library of HD44..)

I looking forward to you answer.


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@rvanhees Here is your file back.  I made both symbols for you so that they will properly connect to corners.  The DC10 connectors will only connect at the non circular side.  In order to get them to look like they are connecting to the other truss you will have to insert the truss and manually move it to be between the hooks.  You can then build from it like usual.  I also imported all of the FD44 horizontal truss for you so that it will connect to the corner.

Example VW Corner New Symbols.vwx

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Many thanks for it and your speed for helping me.

I'm not yet an expert so i don't get it. 

I see the new symbols but still don't get them right ... sorry.

Can you make a video .. ?



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Many thanks and the video makes so much clear, that helps me a lot!

If i set the bold-on in render open Gl they stay in square, is it possible to get them round?


 (When you have time to spare, would you like to make a video about how you made the symbols?)

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YES it works, very nice. thanks to you!

See the picture. 


A detail, now the FD44 CS1-DC10 is also square and in real he is round.


Can you explain to me how you do that, how you make those symbols like you did that with the BOB.

A video would be nice. 


Many thanks.



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@rvanheesI will make you a video and send it to you by a DM.  You cannot rotate a hybrid symbol (a symbol with both 2D and 3D geometry).  I would duplicate the symbol in the Resource Manager and then go into Edit 2D Components and delete all of the 2D geometry.  This will make it a 3D only symbol and allow you to rotate it but could mess up the Braceworks connection function. 


The other option is to duplicate the symbol and rename it as rotated or vertical or something easy for you to remember.  Then go into Edit 3D Components and from a right or left view rotate the pieces 90 degrees.  If you select all four you should be able to find the center of the cluster and rotate that.  This will produce a symbol that still works with Braceworks but is rotated 90 degrees.  This is also probably the simplest as well.

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Added video

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