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Hole in a Stage plug

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I have a Stage plug built that I need to put a turntable inside.  Is it possible to put a hole inside of a stage plug from the stage plug tool?  I have placed the cutouts in the 2d components and made it part of the polyline path but neither placed holes in the 3d view of the plug.  I also tried to create a solid subtraction with a cylinder to create the hole to no avail.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

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I think you will have to un-group the stage plug (it will no longer appear in reports etc) and then you can use a solid subtraction.  (you must be in a 3D view when you un-group otherwise it will only give you the 2D components)

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Kept trying things.  Section solids through the plug made the hole but it then changed the qualities of all of the legs so they are no longer hollow but now are solid and changed the color/removed the texture on the object.

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@Mike Wright This did work.  You were right, I lost all of the component control and so it became just cutting a hole in an extrude which did work. Guess I'm just wishing I could keep it as a plug and do this kind of an adjustment.

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You need to split your stage into 3 or more parts. Select each shape and run the Create Stage menu command from the Event design Menu. That should do it...516060079_Screenshot2019-02-26at18_02_56.thumb.png.59cac0cdeaf6cb2cb2a576fb2f857f0f.png





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I have made an enhancement request that the contextual menu item 'Create Objects from Shapes' have an option to create a Stage Plug. This would be a huge time saver and allow the user the benefits of the Stage Plug versus truncated Stage Decks that you get when running the 'Create Stage' command. For example in the creation of a revolve like you.









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