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VWs 2019 Title Block - batch Renaming/renumbering Sheets



There needs to be an easier way of quickly renumbering or renaming multiple Sheet Layers.


Quite often we have projects that move from a feasibility project to a live project, resulting in the sheet numbers and/or sheet names to be changed. With the title block manager 2018 you could edit the sheet number and name of each sheet individually within the title block manager itself. Now with 2019, you can edit everything else on the border but these in the title block manger. To change the sheet name/number you have to manually go onto each sheet, double clicked to pull up the edit title block border options, enter the settings for that particular border, find sheet data and change the sheet name and number. When you have over 10 sheets, this is very tedious. 


Please let there be another way of editing the sheets names and numbers in bath. 

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Hi @fabrica


Please could you talk us through making a database or worksheet of the title block? If I create a revision history it will happily list the Sheet Number and Sheet Names but when I try and make a report of both of these, no data is shown. 



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14 hours ago, twhitwell6 said:

This is how we did it with VWs 2018. However with the update of 2019, we find that you can change the Number and Name in the organisation window but this won't change it in your title block. Sometimes it works, but rarely! 


Hello @twhitwell6,


Could you tell me what are the exact steps that you do or make a screen recording showing them?



Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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If I edit the sheet number or sheet name in the Organization box, it doesn't change it on the title block. That's why I'm having this issue; the only way to bath renumber/rename my sheets is to go through each one and open the title block border settings which is a painfully slow process when you have 56 sheets to renumber

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