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Hanging position total weight

Steve Nield

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Dear Steve,

Here you go for the weight option at least. This file includes a data tag (new in v2019) I have made that will report the name and weight of the entire Hanging Position.


It's dynamic too, so if you add or change anything to the Hanging Position it'll immediately update. I think the length is harder because a Hanging Position could be any shape made up of anything.






Hanging positions and weight.vwx



Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 3.44.12 pm.png

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Thank you Perter that's perfect.  For some reason I could only get the data tag to include the  truss weight if I used the insert truss tool and then created a hanging position.  Previously I had just inserted truss straight from the resource library and  then converted to hanging position, doing things this way calculates the lighitng loads for the data tag  but not the truss weight.     

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As long as there's a weight in the Hanging Position then it'll get reported.


Even though a truss symbol has weight attached it looks like it only gets carried over to a Hanging Position if converted to a Truss object first via being inserted with the Insert Truss tool. Looks like a bug to me. I'll report.




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