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Antoine D'Halluin

Prolyte H30V Corners Library => 713 mm?

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I spent the night trying to solve bracework connection issues between trusses on a big truss with many corners & finally I measured several Prolyte H30V corners (C017, C016...) & found 0,713m while on Prolyte dwg symbole they measure 0,71m. 


Am I doing a mistake or is there an error in VectorWorks Library ?






1083992778_Screenshot2019-02-26at00_31_51.thumb.png.c90e989c3498ed00c02737c9d2cf7a65.png 1060659004_Screenshot2019-02-26at00_32_46.thumb.png.545c82ea4aa66c6fa0b186031476b8bf.png

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we create our symbols from geometry we obtain from the manufacturer.  we have noticed that several of them show one dimension in their drawings and have the geometry at a different size.  we can double check with Prolyte.  often it is a rounding issue in the public drawings. 

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I have reached out to the person who works with Prolyte and creates the Vectorworks symbols from their files.  Their response is below:


The dimensions on the website are rounded and I created the symbol from the original Prolyte DWGS. Prolyte always says to me: Our tolerance at welding is a half centimeter, so the symbols don’t need to be more exact.

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Yes but this generate a big problem when you design a large closed set-up of truss.




On paper/software, you cannot connect together the trusses and so you cannot do a bracework calculation.


In reality, the metal is a little flexible & the concept of pin & clip is specially designed to compensate this metal tolerance.


So I would highly recommend to stick to the official size of the truss that allow connexion of closed system... if not Bracework does not work...

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unfortunately to properly set the chords, we rely on the Company to send us accurate drawings.  we generally do not draw the truss completely from scratch.

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Thanks Rob & Justin, for your follow up & feed-back


I have checked on the Prolyte Website & actually their dwg is 713mm ; as you said.  in other direction half is 356,5 so same calculation hypothesis...


So I feel like the issues is coming from their side. I will try to discuss this subject next time with our Prolyte interlocutor ; I cannot imagine having all corner library in 2 versions to manage connectivity in Bracework....

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