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possible to import 3D Objects made with Blender into VW?


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OBJ or 3DS will get you in the door on Importing, but you are going to have Mesh items, so the geometry will be dense and not easy to edit. I recommend importing the object(s) into a fresh clean file first.  Clean it up if needed and then copy and paste it into your larger working file.

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1 hour ago, zoomer said:


Unfortunately VW has no FBX Importer. 

Too bad, the computer I was on when replying doesn't have VW installed so I couldn't check to be 100% sure. I thought it could import FBX as well. Something else for the wish list then.

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Yes, would be nice.

Wished for that a few times longer ago.

(Very few CADs seem to offer a FBX Import somehow ?)


DAE (Collada) Import wouldn't be bad either.

Blender could Export DAE.


But Blender can also export DXF,

if you loaded the DXF exchange AddOns.

Did not test that but DXF should com into VW fine.

(Whatever the quality of the content is)


But that would transfer basically 3D Geometry only

(Or worse, just loose 3D Polygons ?)

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@zoomer @MRD Mark Ridgewell @EAlexander  I don't have blender on my working computer, and am unfortunately not allowed to install things on it since it's my office's property, but I have blender on my PC at home, I have to export some files and send them to my E-Mail so I can import them to VW the next day at work. I'll gladly give some feedback on how I get along with the different options you guys offered when I checked it out!


@zoomer I also fear that a DXF file would only import lose geometry... I'll try it out tho


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OBJ should work, though VW could do with some improvements, for example a dialog where you state the up direction (Z in VW, Y in many rendering programs). Support for plain colors would be good too (textures seem to work ok both in and out from VW). And a scale factor function, as many of the "blob squeezer" types of programs don't care much about physical scale. Many of them work with very small models, which requires quite a lot of model searching when exporting and importing between CAD and rendering programs. 

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3 hours ago, Claes Lundstrom said:

(Z in VW, Y in many rendering programs)


I am sooooo happy that Blender is a Z up App.

But I fear it will change Axes for FBX and such Y up standards when exporting 😉



4 hours ago, Phileas said:

I also fear that a DXF file would only import lose geometry... I'll try it out tho


With my experience with crappy Revit Exports,

VW>Model>3D Power Pack : Stitch and Trim Surfaces

usually works very well.

It also could deal with strange Revit double Faces in complex Solids in the past.

Sometimes I could select a whole Layer and it created proper Solids from crap.

In some cases it only created a single Solid with multiple independent Volumes

though, or even create some objects while deleting the other half.

Not sure why.

But it works very good if you have the possibility to select Faces for each Object


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C4D until r19 did it out of the box also.


In R20 it is broken for a while now.

Wonder why this was not fixed in the latest SP though,

as I heard that it is well known.

(the flip Z axis option has no function, so the best settings will give you

an upside down model)


But not a big issue since I realized that the auto conversion just

added some angles to the most top Null Locator.

So I do it just manually instead of bothering with R19 and

not using R20.


Far worse when I get Revit DAEs in Feet.

lots of problems with Grid display or Camery Symbol sizes if I try

to scale it to cm settings.

(Never really understood how C4Ds file scaling dialog works)


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