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Help with Wall Schedule!


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@Sky it is weird but I remembered that I also had this problem the first time I used a wall section for my fire rated walls and so what I ended up finding out it has to do with IFC settings.  When you edit the style of your wall and click on the Data tab you'll notice an IFC button on the bottom left.  Select this and the pic attached is what you'll see.  I went into each "Object Properties" that was checked and unclicked all the items that had a style lock on it.  (Swishy arrow) I then went back to the schedule and recalculated it and the info showed up.


Bonkers!  But now all my walls show the info I want to see.

ScreenHunter_48 Mar. 13 17.00.jpg

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@Markvl If I uncheck IfcWallStandardCase, the text in the Description box is deleted. If I uncheck Pset_WallCommon, the text in the Mark box is deleted. When I retype them, the items are checked again. 


Looking at IfcWallStandardCase > Description, it shows what I typed into the Description box. But that still isn't what appears on the schedule (most of the time).


Also, if I don't summarize the Mark column, I find that the same wall can show multiple Descriptions. Some of which are the actual description I typed in!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 14.21.33.png

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