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Help with Wall Schedule!


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Either I was working too fast last night or just not paying attention. The single cell version is not working for me either, but a 3 cell version does.


In three columns enter the following formulas. I have assumed that these will be in columns D,E,F.

D3  =IFC_Entity

E3  =Concat(D3,'.Name')

F3  =GetIFCPropery(E3)


You can then set the column widths on D and E to zero so you don't see them.




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Part of it it my fault.


First, what is the row number for the database header row? If it is not 3, then you need to change the formula to reference the correct row. Also what Column is the Description in? We want to make sure we are referencing the correct columns.


Second, the column F formula had a typo.  It should be =GetIFCProperty(E3)  My typo that you copied and pasted.


So cell "E3" should end up with a value of ifcWallStandardCase.Name


And "F3" should end up pulling the Name from the IFC record into the cell.


Try entering a formula of =GetIFCProperty('ifcWallStandardCase.Name')  into a header row and see what happens. The other two are just there to handle walls that are not standard case.



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@Pat Stanford I put them in the columns you asked me to. 


Does E3  =Concat(D3,'.Name') have a typo too? When I corrected F3, it changes from showing the formula to the number 0, which is something I expect it to do.


I made a new column G and put =GetIFCProperty('ifcWallStandardCase.Name') in the database header, but it doesn't have anything in the column. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.36.46 AM.png

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Hi @Sky,

Pat is the best at this.  Might I add...use this to get your description...=IF(GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description')<>'', GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description'), GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcCurtainWall.Description'))  This is what I get when choosing TOOLS - REPORTS - CHOOSE SCHEDULE - WALL STYLE REPORT W/IMAGES

ScreenHunter_40 Feb. 27 08.28.jpg

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8 hours ago, Markvl said:

=IF(GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description')<>'', GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcWallStandardCase.Description'), GETIFCPROPERTY('IfcCurtainWall.Description'))


So I guess the other question I had, because I have tried using this formula before, is that I don't know where that description is or how to edit it. It certainly isn't the Description input in the Edit Wall Style dialog (see attachment from my initial posting).

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Something else to check, is that the cells are not formatted as text cells. If they are, or even if they were when the formula was entered, you need to use clear contents first before reentering the formulas, or they don't respond.


I think it's a bug and cells that are formatted as text, probably shouldn't have the record field drop-down showing, it's confusing!  




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Hi Sky,  Sorry for the delay, but I have been slammed at work.


I have uploaded an edited version of your test file back to my dropbox and sent you a link via DM.


I don't know why you were having trouble, but I did see it when I opened the file. After I edited it back to what I thought you had, it then worked based on my suggestions above.

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@Sky I've just downloaded and opened it up.  Having a look.  One thing I've done right of the top is Create a new wall schedule w/image.  See pic attached.

ScreenHunter_45 Mar. 13 16.19.jpg

I checked the Style info for your 12 conc.  shown last in the pic and all the info lines up with what is shown in the worksheet.

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