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Hi guys, I've created a custom formatted worksheet for our plant schedules that is just in a .vwx file on my desktop. I want everyone in my office to be able to have access to it via ourVW Workgroup. Is there a way for me to export just the worksheet into the Workgroup or do I maybe have to save the file it's in as a .sta template and access the worksheet in the Resource Manager form there?


Any help is appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

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There are several threads floating around about using Workgroup folders. Do a search for me and Workgroup over the last 3 months or so and then should show up.


The short answer is just put the regular VW file in the Workgroup folder and everyone should be able to access it from there. By using the Resource Browser options to limit what is shown it should be relatively easy to find. This applies to worksheet and any other Resources that you create.


The biggest trick to the workgroup folder is getting the folder structure set up correctly if you want to store Default Content for any of the tools there.

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