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files read-only after mailing

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I know its not as straight forward as just attaching a file but you could try compressing it and sending using something like StuffIt. In the past I've found that to prevent any messing with files by email programs zipping them it stopped. I'm on Windows, but hopefully the same workaround will work for you.

Good luck


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One thing to try..

For some reason vectorworks doesn't automaticaly tag it's files with an extension on Mac os X. This is not an issue inside a single mac, but most network protocols leave behind the old style mac os 9 resource file which would normally carry the information about which programme the file belongs to.

Try tagging the file '.mcd' before attaching to the email.

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Yes Ben, it is a Mail /OSX habit/problem

No, Alanmac, zipping doesn't help

No Lboymatt, adding .mcd doesn't either . . . . but, I continued the discussion on the MACOSX forum and found out that the problem only occurs when opening files from within the mailclient (Mail in my case) or when dragged to the harddisk.

Using the "Save all..." button makes the file R&W.

As I prefer drag & drop, I went to the "applescript" forum and after some discussion found this solution:

Make a folder (called "Set Rights" f.i.) on the desktop with a script attached to it (Folder action) which turns the file R&W when "drag & drop"ped to it.

I received the following script from Yvan Koenig that does the job.

--[script set_readWrite]

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items

tell application "Finder"


set listeFichier to (every item of added_items)

end tell -- to Finder

set knt to count of listeFichier

repeat with i from 1 to knt

tell application "Finder"

set zefile to (listeFichier's item i) as alias


if (owner privileges of zefile is not read write) then ?

set (owner privileges of zefile) to read write

end try

end tell -- to Finder

end repeat

end adding folder items to


Put the script in library/scripts/folder action scripts

Everything starts flashing (caused by a standard script in that folder, but that stops after a few seconds.

Gerrit Velthuis

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