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Robert Janiak

GrandMa - Vision

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I have ErrorLoading DMX Provider after gMA-ESPVision[3.100][6.800]-v1.220 instalation. If i use oryginal grandMA.dll, i have no error. I think gMA-ESPVision addon is broken.


How is best practise to connect GrandMA to Vision?


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You should use the dll that ships with Vision. 

If you need to change the grandMA.dll for some reason it should be placed in the ...\Vision\DmxProviders\32\ directory.

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SUP MY DUDES! Some discoveries on the frontier of making Vision 2019 Demo work with MA2 (it doesn't yet per my exp. past few days trying, but Joe Motsay and Vectorworks Maryland team have been really supportive of me calling and E-mailing with me past few days and we'll see if we can't find a solution). Maybe possible I'm still over-looking something super duper basic but admittedly there was an operator error//impatient oversight on my end see below my comments in italics and textbook useful stuffs from Vision Literature in bold (I can't seem to find color formatting to assault y'all with PLUR):



VISION 2019 DEMO Download Links provided by Joe Motsay and the good souls @ Vectorworks:

WINDOWS: http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2019-NNA-eng-win 

MAC: http://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vision/2019-NNA-eng-mac



2019 Vision Demo dictates:  

The demo will allow the use of predefined sample scenes or 100 DMX channels of control and up to five fixtures.


From JamesJamesJames @JCASTLD : I spent a while trying to make Vision 2019 Demo talk to MA2 onPC same Windows 10 computer and FAILED (but learned a lot in the process, even about myself lol)...I skipped past the “known issues” clause that presents itself before installing Vision 2019 demo to my hard drive directory. Upon yee old re-install (relation to what fixes many of our probs yee old re-start), I read the following:


Vision 2019 Installation README Document “Known Limitations”

  • GrandMA3 connectivitity via MAnet is not supported.
  • GrandMA2 connectivity via MAnet requires the use of a dongle. This is a restriction in the driver supplied by GrandMA Lighting.

From JamesJamesJames @JCASTLD : I would love to be able to preview abilities and limitation of Vectorworks Vision 2019 in Demo mode using GrandMA2 onPC to control even just 5 lights / 100 dmx channels (on same computer). Not sure that this is a responsibility of MA or Vectorworks tech team but it sure would be neat to see how the new Vision 2019 engine renders and displays parameters of various fixtures compared to MA 3D/ Light Converse / WYSIWYG / Capture Polar etc. MA3 connectivity via MAnet please take your time lol. THXXX//MUCH LOVE ❤️ !


I have posted similar findings in MA2 Phorum here to see if anyone over thurrrr can help link below: 


grandMA2 Discussion Phorum --> Vectorworks Vision Connection Thread



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