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Extending student license



Hello all

I'm a student using Vectorworks for the first time.

I have downloaded from the Student Portal and used the serial number provided. This worked for a few weeks, however now, whenever I launch Vectorworks it asks me to activate and then says 'Vectorworks cannot be activated because your software license has expired.' The program then closes.

I have uploaded my student ID again on my account last week, however the issue has still not changed.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the software too, but still no change.

Could anyone suggest how to fix this problem?

Any assistance would be great!



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I am trying to extend my licence for VW 2020. I have uploaded my new student ID, reinstalled the software, entered the new licence number, but am still being told that the licence has expired. 


Can you help please? 


Many thanks, 


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I am having the same issue. I renewed my credentials, applied the new serial number, but when it goes through the online activation, I get the invalid serial number message and the program closes. Restarted and tried again, no avail. Can you help?

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I'm having an issue, not with extending my license, but with getting my student version updated to the 2021 version instead of the 2020 version. I'm working on a project with some other people and my 2020 version won't open their 2021 file. How can I go about getting the 2021 version?




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11 hours ago, Sonia_chow said:

Hello I also have the issue of extending the student license. I clicked the 'request extension' button and the serial number did not change. Is it possible to extend my license asap for the VW 2020? Many thanks!

Could you confirm the country were you are attending school? - thanks 

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