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How to find objects

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Working in Spotlight, I have a hanging position that I want to name 16 .  VW automatically changes the name to 16-1 because, I assume, there is another object in the drawing that is already named 16.  I don't see anything in the Resource Manager named 16; how can I find it?

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Go to Menu>Tools>custom selection and follow the prompt to execute immediately...

you will see this dialogue appear. Fill it in like this:



Hopefully you will see  a "1" in the Objects that meet the criteria: 


You may find that it is in fact the object that is making up your Hanging Position.


I hope that works for you.



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It should automatically select it. and the info should be in the OIP. You should probably turn on all your layers and classes so that everything is visible and selectable. It might, however be nested within a symbol or a plug-in.


If you change the check boxes in the dialogue box, you may be able to narrow down if it is indeed within a symbol, Plug-in (like a Hanging position) or a viewport annotation.

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Create a worksheet with a database row and set the criteria to Name is 16. Check the Include objects in Symbols, PIOs and Annotations check boxes. You should get one sub-row in the database.


Right click on the subrow header (i.e. 3.1) and choose Select Object. This functions as a force select and should zoom you to the object even if it is inside a group or symbol.


If it is in a symbol that is in the active file but not actually having an instance in the drawing it might not work.

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More detailed instructions:


Go to the Resource Browser. Click the New Resource button. Choose Worksheet from the list.


When the worksheet opens it will be in Edit mode.


Right click (ctrl-click) on one of the row headers (I usually pick row 3 in case I decide I need to add labels later). Choose Database from the menu. The Criteria dialog box will open. Enter the criteria you are looking for. Since we don't know where this object is, click the Including Components of: check boxes.


You will get a subrow for each item in the drawing (not resources that are in the Resource Browser but not in the drawing) that matches the criteria. These will be numbered with the database header row.subrow number (i.e. 3 is the Database Header Row, 3.1, 3.2 ... are the subrows.


If you then right-click on the database you will get the option to Select the object that is shown in that subrow. It will work like a Force Select and change the layer/class visibility and zoom to put you into a mode where the object is at the center of the screen and selected.



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Followed your instructions, made a report, and the 2 items it found are both data stamps: one with the title of the VW drawing and the other the date the drawing was last updated.  Neither have the text 16 in them.  However, I deleted them and now can rename the hanging position 16, so thanks for the help!


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I have a worksheet that has found the objects it was told to find (polygons in a specific class), but the right-click (I use control-click) does not zoom to the selected object as it should.


I was trying to get information from referenced viewports, but apparently you can't get field values from records in a referenced drawing, so I deleted the reference, saved all the referenced data to the file, then tried to use my worksheet.  The worksheet acknowledges the existence of the polygons and their records, but control-click will not Force Select the object, and Vectorworks does not zoom to the selected object. Something has been lost in my process 🙃

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