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Find and Replace Anything



Hi Everyone,


I know in Spotlight I am able to find and modify or replace instruments, but I am unable to do either of these tasks with regular symbols, which is something I do often. I also find that if I have lighting devices within groups they will not be replaced by either of the spotlight tools. I was hoping all of these features could be added.


Thank you



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Hey Max,


For regular symbols, will the Select Similar Tool help? It's in the Basic toolset and looks like a magic wand.


For Find And Modify, try using the "Replace them with this symbol". It worked for me ( 2019 SP2 on Windows 10) successfully replacing Lighting Devices that were grouped as well as ungrouped.. 



Replace them with this symbol.PNG

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5 minutes ago, MTRobin said:

Hey Allan,


I am trying to replace symbols that are not lighting devices.


The magic wand won't work if my symbols are within separate groups or symbols. I really need a global find and replace. 



You could try custom selection,  under the tools menu.  Then once the items are selected you can replace them with a different symbol.   It should look in groups/symbols.


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Create a symbol in a blank document.


Duplicate it so you have 5 instances of it.


From left to right- leave the first one as is. Make the second and third a group. Make the fourth and fifth a symbol.


Now using Custom Selection set it up as Symbol is [your symbol name]


Click ok


It will only select the item that is not within a group or symbol.


See photos attached.




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