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Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol


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Hi Everyone,


I have attached a video to clarify what I am trying to do. On the left I have 4 lighting devices and on the right I have them inserted as 3D symbols.


I am trying to rotate the lighting devices the same way I can rotate the 3D symbols. As you can see the lighting devices will only rotate around their origin and not based on where the rotation tool is.


If I select the lighting devices with the truss it will rotate how I want it, but I don't always have lights on trusses like that. For example if I have a truss at an angle and quickly drop fixtures and duplicate them in a straight line before I move them to the truss and select them all to angle them to hang on the truss. 


Any thoughts?





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The rotate behaviour you are seeing with lighting devices is intended behaviour and is a most welcome and in my opinion ingenious new feature of the rotate tool and lighting devices. Essentially it activates the rotational parameters of the 3D portion of the lighting device about the insertion point. 



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I do like it. I was just hoping for an option to turn it off. Like with snapping or something. Ctrl-Click when rotating could make it rotate around the rotate tool or something like that.


I can just make it a group, rotate it, then ungroup it, but that becomes cumbersome.


All in the name of speeding up workflow.





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