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Glow texture brightness

Anthony Neary

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Is there a way to get more brightness out of a glow texture other than increasing the glow intensity, which starts to wash out the colour and turn it white?


Right now I use glow textures to re create things like LED tubes, etc, that are in view of audience, and I find they don't get enough "kick" in the renders.  If I turn up the brightness setting for the texture it gets brighter for sure, but also starts to desaturate the colour.



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Using the Exposure camera effect on a Renderworks viewport is usually the healthiest way I've found to do this. Remove ambient light entirely, often start with a very low value for all lights, then decrease exposure settings on the camera and see how the light prerender looks before committing to the full render.

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You could try putting a glow texture that emits light inside a glow texture that doesn’t. With the texture that doesn’t emit, make sure that it is set to not cast shadows then the light will come out of the one that’s inside.


you could also embed a line light as well, but the render  times will increase


Edit: I learned something today. Glow textures within textures do not behave the same way as lights within textures, in that they do not respond to the "do not cast shadows" option within the texture with regard to allowing light through.


A light object within a glow texture does work as expected though.

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