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Matthews C-Stand objects

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

they are on the list, that does not mean we are working on them.  before we work on a library, we go to the manufacturer for permissions, sometimes this is a quick process, sometimes it takes months or even years.  I talked to one manufacturer at a trade show four years ago who said they were interested in adding to VW, since then they will not return my emails or calls so that library is yet to be touched.

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Hey Rob


Ok thanks for the update.


Seems odd that some manufactures are not willing to jump onboard. From my own experience if the symbol appears in the the resource manager, it has much more chance of being used on site! 

What I find equally puzzling is why the truss symbol library is so small compared to availability of DWG symbols.


Looping back to the C stands - I am sure the Manfrotto Avenger C Stand would suffice and seeing that there has been a massive update to Manfrotto lighting stands recently. Would this be possible?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Before Braceworks, we really didn't deal with too much truss.  now, we are getting more and more truss coming onboard.  That being said, Truss is a very intensive library to make up.  we often have lots of cleanup of the manufacturer files, then adding on the Braceworks data takes a good amount of time.


I can see about the Manfrotto Avenger C and getting that out with the next Service Select release.



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