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Add Leader Crashed VW 2019


Hey all.

Strange thing this morning.

I'm on a Sheet Layer, detailing a Viewport. One of three Viewports on the Sheet Layer. I have double clicked the viewport in question, and have selected "Edit Viewport: Annotations".

I select the Call Out tool.

I create a Call Out. Type in some text.

In the OIP, I select "Add Leader".

I drag the new leader around, put it where I want it, click once, then hit the 'enter' key (for no real reason, just happened to tap it.).

Vectorworks quit unexpectedly, and instantly. No beachball, just hard stop.

I can NOT repro this crash at this time. I re-opened the 'backup' version of the file and kept working. I have not touched the original file that crashed. Possible bug? I also grabbed the Apple Crash Report if that is useful.

Didn't see anything in the known issue forum.


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What OS are you running? There seems to be a lot of conflicts with Mojave and VWX2019. I had similar issues, and the work-around was to undock and resize the OIP

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Running High Sierra 10.13.6

VW 2019 SP1 (Build 456974) (64-Bit)

Like I said, can't repro at this time, but seemed odd. use a floating OIP, so it's never docked.

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