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Olivier Jauniaux

Section Viewport Mirroring Problem

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Hello hello! Here I am again, testing VW capacities... so this is my issue and I would really appreciate any help if possible!


I have cut a section, limited by the section line and on the sheet layer, I want to mirror the viewport. However, when I do it it goes crazy and the open gl mirrors but the section line doesnt. See the attached! Any help fixing this would be ideal. I am trying to put together a composite unfolded section.


And yes, before you ask, I have updated the section after mirroring.


Thanks again! 😄



Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 22.36.21.png

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Would duplicating the section and then reversing the direction of the duplicate not achieve what you want?



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Hi, yes it would achieve the right section line but it would show the info of the wrong direction in the background. Does that make sense?

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Hi Olivier,


The only workaround I've found is to create the section viewport as normal, convert it to a group, and then start mirroring.  Obviously you lose the viewport link, but it works as a brute force method.

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I've had issues even rotating section VPs 90° - so there's something buggy in general.

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