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Data Tag - Materials of a Symbol

Nuno Antunes

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Hi everybody! I Kindly ask help to this Forum Community help on this point:


- It is possible to have Data Tag refering to the different materials applied in a Symbol?


The idea is to have:

1 - Data Tag in a Section Viewport Annotation of symbol

2 - Identify several Materials of the Symbol (attached drawing)

3 -  The Data Tags automatically update if we change on of the Materials (Example: From White Leather to Black Leather)


Something similar to the attached drawing.


Thank you for your help.


Looking forward from some help/ suggestion 

Data Tag.jpg

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You can put data tags within symbols - I use wall tags within drawings of apartments that are converted to symbols. The problem is they tend to visually disappear and have to be regenerated which is a P.I.A. I use them as I change wall type designations often but prior to publishing to make them visible (they disappear upon publishing) I create a copy in place and convert the tags to a group. 

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