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surface array

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I've been trying to cover an elliptical dome (nurbs surface) with small hexagonal domes (sweeps) using surface array, as in the image (the rendered image uses a texture on the nurbs surface).  Can't get it to work - maybe it won't.

Many thanks for any advice.


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What settings are you using?

Have you tried turning the hexagonal sweep into a symbol?

What happens when it doesn't work?

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I think my settings are wrong but I'm not sure what they should be.  I get the same result with a symbol.  The drawings show the settings and the result.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 17.35.44.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 17.35.32.png

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Geodesic domes and other similar forms are a great deal more complicated than they look geometrically and are in fact made up of 2 or more different sizes of triangles. I don't think the surface array tool is going to cut it. There are plenty of youtube videos out there on how you go about building one (mostly for sketchup), but be warned there is maths involved that many including me find quite daunting!

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Hmmm, thought as much.  I think I'll have to stick with the texture.  Thanks to both of you anyway.

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Not exactly what you need but using the bump shader you can get a decent approximation quickly, especially where the slope approaches 0º


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