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Data Tag to reference a symbol within a symbol or group

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Hi Everyone,


Attached is a VWX file. I have some lights on a truss and would like to have the data tag label the fixture I select. The data tag references the symbol name. As you can see the data tag is actually referencing the overall symbol and I wanted to see if it was possible to have it reference the lighting symbol within the overall symbol. I tried having it reference the model name within the light info record, but that didn't work either.


Thank you



Data Tag.vwx

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At the moment, the data tag will not see through one symbol onto another. If you are trying to insert instruments on a lighting pipe or truss as a symbol, then I would suggest that you make them insert as a group (blue symbol). That's been my approach with 6-bars and the like for some time now and it works well.

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Got it. The reason they are symbols within symbols is because I will typically have multiple instances of the same truss overhead or trusses SR that are mirrored SL and I need them to be the same. I think I may just add a small label to the bottom of the fixture in the symbol instead of labeling it after in the annotations.

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A workaround i found is the use of Design Layer Viewports for an assembley of symbols. This way you do not need nested symbols


1 create the needed symbols

2 create a separate design layer 'assembley truss 01'

3 create the assembly of the symbols on the design layer

4 make a design layer viewport of your assembly and use this on your main design layer


Now you can still tag all of your symbols that are used through the design layer.


I do not know if this gives you a performance hit. Maybe DLBP's are slower then a symbol with nested symbols? 



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