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Drop locus at center of 2 points



Hi Everyone,


I would like to request there be a tool to drop a locus at the center of 2 points. The tool would work by selecting the first point, then the second, and it will drop a 2D or 3D locus where the center of that line would be.


If I have 2 lighting fixtures that I want to move to split center it would be helpful to have a center locus between the two insertion points.


I know if you use smart points to select the first and second point it will then show you the center point, but it doesn't allow you to then use that point to drag your selection. This would be a great feature as well.


I have included a screenshot of what I'm looking for. The top fixtures have a locus in the center and the bottom show that I cannot grab the center smart point to move those 2 fixtures from that point.


Thank you



Locus between 2 points.JPG

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Guest Frank Brault

You are correct that this is accomplished with the Distance snap, but after you select the snap, you must first select the locus tool because the smart points are only active until you switch tools or use them in some way. So, the order of operations would be:

  1. Activate the distance snap
  2. Select the Locus tool
  3. Gesture to the desired first and second end points, hovering at each point long enough to acquire the smart point
  4. Then, since the Locus Tool is active, move toward the approximate center between the first and second points
  5. Now, with the center marked, switch to the Selection tool, shift-select the two desired fixtures, adding them to the selection set
  6. There are now 3 objects selected.
  7. With the Selection tool still selected, move to the locus in the center click then drag the locus to the desired location, placing the two fixtures with the move.
  8. Optionally click in white space to deselect all and select and delete the temporary locus point.

This may seem somewhat complicated, but is it really pretty straightforward to do, once you get the hang of it.

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