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I am new to the 360 panorama view within vectorworks but I have been experimenting with the tool over the past week and am trying to export a view to send to a client. 


I've included 2 screenshots of Panorama's I've managed to export the first (Export1) worked well in final quality but i'd missed a few things so made some adjustments in the model and exported the panorama again, now when I export in Final quality I get a final render as shown in the Export2' - a lot worse quality with dark areas. I've tried going back to the original file before I made any changes and exporting again but no matter what I do now my render will not export a high quality image. 


I'm very confused as I have not amended the lighting at all since the first export and nothing I do seems to be able to achieve these results again. 


I would be grateful for any advice as to why this is happening.




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Hello SarahISO:


Are there any light objects in this model?  It looks to me like this might be default lighting.


The second one looks like it might be an OpenGL preview panorama.  VW saves out an OpenGL preview before the RW rendering is done.  Then when the RW rendering is done the OpenGL one is overwritten.  Maybe the RW rendering wasn't done yet?  You could also try saving to a different file location.



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Hi Dave, 


Thanks for your reply. I have attached a couple more images, one showing the lighting I have in the model. I have been playing with the lighting this morning turning different lights on/off and it seems to be improving but the final render is still not exporting in high quality (even though I have the setting set to the highest standard).


If I export to another location surely it would not show up on the cloud? 


Thanks again

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 10.17.39.png

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 10.17.32.png

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