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Additional Option for the Extrusiom Command


It'd be great if we could just manually select a working plane for an extrusion that is different from the original 2D-surface when using the "extrude" command.

At the moment, if we want to achieve a volume that looks like the right one named "Loft", we have to convert our surface to a nurbs curve, duplicate it, move it along the Z axis to desired height, select both, and then use the "Loft" tool from the nurbs palette to make them a volume.

That's quite time-consuming, having a pop-up window show up when hitting Extrude, with a little checkbox where we can chose to either use the surface of the polygon as a working plane or to manually define another one would be much handier in my opinion, as in Architecture and product design (and anything else that has to work with 3D modelled solids) the extrusion command is something we use very often, and as soon as we're not making something completely planar we lose a lot of time...


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Great idea. Maybe  a "free extrude" mode that will allow the new surface to be anywhere above or below the original....?

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@markdd Yeah That'd be the dream for anyone doing detailed 3D Modeling, a product designer for example.

I know the extrude command works like this in Blender, and I really loved that

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