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Vision Visibility on/gray/off



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There are workarounds to do this currently, but streamlining the workflow is ideal!


One thing that is really cool is leveraging face culling.You have to have a proper cube with proper normals and winding order for this to work. Essentially, you can only ever see 3 faces of a cube at any given time. Normally, when face culling is on and working properly, we render the front 3 faces but not the back 3. This is done for performance reasons. What you can do that is clever though is flip the normals of the cube so that the back 3 faces are rendered instead of the front 3. What this means is that as you rotate around the cube, walls/floors/ceilings will disappear dynamically and on-the-fly! If you'd like to know more about this we can talk more directly as no code changes are needed to make this happen!


The more realistic workflow is supporting a ceiling object with wall and slab objects alike. These can't leverage the face culling trick and will be less performance friendly as a result of the additional polygons. Either way, the current workflow unfortunately involves putting the ceiling inside a layer and then toggling the visibility of that layer. There's no rhyme or reason you can't do this for MeshShapes we just never got the request!


This shouldn't take much time to implement on the coding side of things, as far as I can tell.

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