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Vision Undo



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@bbudzon... I figured it out. I think I was just expecting Ctrl-Z to work right off the bat. HERE are some test files.


Selecting the ColorForce72's, let's say I want to move all SR a few clicks.

-I grab them all

-Position > click into the Position X field

-mouse wheel up

-All the fixtures are now the same XYZ position

-I freak out

-Ctrl Z... Nothing happens

-I freak out more wish I had saved my file

-Edit > Undo a few times, and everything is fine


I realized today after playing around that Ctrl Z does nothing while I'm in a text field (such as Position X).


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hahaha, yea... believe it or not this is an improvement from 2018.


Most undo/redo things simply did not work in 2018. In 2019, we re-worked the undo/redo system to function in the most basic cases first and foremost.

This means allowing certain actions to be recorded upon the codes request.


The problem with the redesign was we didn't have enough time to fully flush it out in the time frame we were given.

This means that sometimes, multiple undo actions will be required to "undo a single event". Not ideal for the end user, but better than no undo at all!


Our solution to having to run undo multiple times involves allowing the code to "group" recorded actions so that multiple actions can be stepped back with a single undo command. Your example with multiple selection is a perfect example of this.



Unrelated to your original request, but we've been discussing your workflow internally as well. Namely, I want to select a group of lights/meshes and move them "+12 inches along the Positive X Axis." This is currently not possible and is seen as a large deficiency in Vision's workflow.

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