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Record Formats disappearing

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Hi there, 


I have edited a Symbol definition to have multiple attached records. They exist within the symbol in the resource manager, yet, when I place the symbol into the drawing space the record formats disappear from the symbol object. 


Help please!


(If you search all plants in the drawing space in the resource manager, it will show they have attached records)

(i want these plants to show these attached records, as it's important data for a worksheet)





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These plants are set up as Red Symbols. That means that while they are "symbols" so they can be shown in the Resource Browser and moved between files, when they are placed into the drawing they are converted back into a Plant PlugIn Object.


You have attached the record to the Symbol. When the Symbol goes away and the object is converted back to a PIO, you lose your attached records.


I can think of two ways around this:


1. Edit the symbol and attach the records to the PIO contained inside the symbol. That way when the "symbol" goes away, the records will still be attached to the PIO and you will have the data that you want. But this will make it impossible to edit the data in the Resource Browser. You will have to edit the symbol and do the attaching and data manipulation in the OIP.


2. Change the symbols so that rather than convert to PIOs, they stay as symbols. But then they will not show up at Plants if you need that for your worksheets. Of the In Symbol option of the Criteria Builder might still get you the Plants into a worksheet. But you won't be able to edit the plant in the OIP without first editing the symbol.


I hope this has been clear enough. If not, ask again.

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