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Best way to create roof by NURBS curves or Curved Lines


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Thank you all for the advices! I managed to do it with NURBS curves and create surface from curves. Before I couldn't do it because I had drawn normal curves but with NURBS works greatly! Here's a picture of what I get

- Used Surface array to create structure.



@Benson Shaw Thanks for the advices and the file, is really helping! I was thinkin to change the form of the roof later like you did in 2A or 2B. Because the idea is to create a green roof where the people can walk over as a public space..


My next question now will be how to create columns like this:


I guess this is parametric architecture created with scripts and algoritms but can it be done in my model without any script?

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Looking at the photo:

Prepare a base subdivision surface.

Then use the create contours tool or use surface array. Depends on the case. If you will use surface array, remember to convert it to nurbs first.
Here is an example on one of our projects:



Also, as you said, with a Marionette script is going to be better. 


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On 2/13/2019 at 11:24 PM, Benson Shaw said:

Here are a few examples using NURBS modeling with some of the pitfalls and some corrections.

It's not a full blow by blow tutorial, but can get started.

14 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

Attached find my basic setup.  It's not perfect, but really close.


Benson, these examples are amazing as always!



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All - Hard to let this go.  Here is improved method.  Refinement is to assure constant width to face of beams.  Solution is to map the centerlines of the beam faces onto the funnel, then use each ctr line as path for Extrude Along Path of a circle.  The EAP will intersect the funnel at constant width.


vwx 2019 file with this v2 info now in Dropbox:



Did anyone figure out the Marionette network for this?

Or did anyone try surface array or other way to at least map the pattern onto a surface?



StarLattice v2.png

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