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Bugs not patched in older versions

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(Kevin has just dropped in before me)


Yes, something is not quite right. (Is that a Vectorworks standard - a bit like Star treks Scotty "Cap'n, I can'r hold her")


I took a (admittedly very brief) look earlier and the one thing I stumbled over was if I overrode your very fine pen size for the gridline it shows - but only as a line. 


So another fault we bought with 2018 which ought to have been placed in a SP rather than carried forward. 



So Ive just opened this in 17 and it works fine.




You buy a product in 17, the boffins break it in 18  and then they expect you to buy the fixed part back in 19.


This is no way to retain a loyal user base. You can rely on that loyalty to see you through some odd and quirky hard to pin down bugs, but you shouldn't rely on that user base to be silent and turn belly up when you break things and then slip the repaired code back into a  'New, All singing all dancing - you must get this, its the best ever.......' yearly upgrade.


And worse - this isn't the only 'break and renew' we've had to have foisted upon us in the rush to get the next flagship upgrade out.


@Biplab - you owe me a rebate - I'll settle for a SP







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The reason I'm not moving to 2019 isn't just a money thing - it's because I don't want to move to something that still seems to have a lot of issues.


I do think that bugs should continue to be fixed in a previous version until the 'new' version is stable enough that everyone can move to it confidently.


I agree that VW owes us another SP for 2018.

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6 minutes ago, Gadzooks said:

Moved to issues resolved, but I would like it to be noted some issues aren't resolved. 

This just goes by the original post issue, any new issues that come in afterwards do not get rolled into the same topic otherwise we get endless threads. 

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17 hours ago, Jim Wilson said:

This just goes by the original post issue


 I'm going to be super picky on this one JIm.


The original post was for a bug in 2018 - having been working in 17. To say that bug is now fixed in 19 is convenient for NNA, but it's correct to say this is still not fixed in 2018 which ought to be addressed. The issue is clearly 'ongoing' for 2018 users and I'd like this to be noted - thats all I was saying.


By moving this to the dark corners of 'its all ok now' part of the forum, (This is not about you - I'm not saying this is engineered) you've moved it away from forum viewers to make their minds up about this (and similar) faults with the 18 product that should be addressed in a SP.


Bit like VW saying their cars were 'faulty', but if you'd like to buy a new one they are all now 'fixed'. VW has been 'persuaded' by to make amends to their earlier original owners.


I'd like to know why NNA has an alternative view on this. Is it because the various faults in 18 simply cannot be remedied by a SP - or is it going to cost too much in time and NNA would rather move on?







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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I agree with you on principal, but this is not something I am going to be able to change. Once a version has gotten it's last service pack (I strongly believe this to be the case for 2018 barring any major OS changes in the very near future), there is nothing more that will ever be corrected in it. 

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Thanks Jim - appreciate your response, but I'd like to push you to the limits of 'User Experience Manager' and ask you to answer my queries fully - or alternatively get NNA to answer.


I'm basically asking for this issue to be escalated.


I think I know what your reply will be.

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I totally get the stuff about having several versions in the air at once, and that the same fix doesn't necessarily apply, for an outwardly similar problem, across these different versions.


I think there should be more overlap between the active maintenance of versions though and this is partly because of the lag at the user end, in using new versions or functionality. VW2018 came out towards the end of 2017 - but many people will not have upgraded until several months later (especially given the recent tendency for early SPs to be so buggy). So perhaps you might install VW2018 in spring 2018 - but even then, you might not start using it on live projects. Or perhaps you use it on new projects but keep older projects, that are nearing their end, running on VW2017. Or perhaps you decide to use VW2018 on a small, or non time-critical project first. All this means that it could easily be 6 months after release before a large user base starts using a new version 'for real'. (Maybe VW has user stats that can prove me wrong)


On top of that though, it might be that you start using VW2018, and you're aware that there are a few things it can do that mean it might be worth making changes to your standard drawing setup or workflow, but you don't quite have the time to test these out, so you essentially continue with your 'old' workflow. Maybe 6 months later you get a chance to try a few changes, to try using some things that you've ignored before (and these might be things that have actually been present for 2 or 3 versions). And maybe this is the first point in time where you start using VW2018 *and* start trying a few changes to your working methods *and* apply this to a 'live' project. But by this time it might be September 2018.... and VW2019 is getting released. And it's right at this point in time that you start discovering all the little bugs that turn out to make a certain thing unusable. The bugs that only become apparent to a user in 'real world' use and which apparently have not been discoverable by VW's own testing.


So... we the users might only find all these things a year after release but then we are told it's too late to fix them. And then there's the choice to go to the next version and the cycle starts over, constantly chasing our tails.

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