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objects unelectable in classes when changing views

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Hey friends,


After importing standard AIA classes into a new doc, the glazing class seems to constantly turn itself grey after moving the arrow off of it or un-selecting it.  This makes the objects un-selectable.  The same with the none class.  I have gone into preferences and change the open GL quality, have restarted VW and nothing seems to fix this.


It's a pretty simple geometric drawing.  I was just getting started.  I might understand this if ti was something super complex where there was a lot of information to process but that's not the case here.  There is a similar thread form 2015 but it didn't help and I thought that was old enough to start a new one.


Any assistance would be appreciated.





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I'm not seeing it, either.


Grasping at straws:  Are you switching in and out of unified views?  Are you using standard naming?  And is auto classing enabled?  Do your computers somehow share user preferences?


Now, I'm not certain how any of those would cause the behavior you are seeing.  But with no scripts and no saved views, that's all I can think of. 



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