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Steve Clarkson

Curved LED Wall

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Hi All,

I've checked out all the posts I can find regarding curved LED walls.   And I've created an array of Generic Solids, and attempted to Add Surface them together.  However I get an error that it's geometry that can't be calculated.  Feeling kind of stuck.  I've tried converting to virtually every type of object, grouping/ungrouping, extracting surface...etc.

Any help, greatly appreciated!



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Curved LED walls are faceted module arrays, so wouldn't you just create the module and then build the array that facets along the correct curve?  If you are trying to create the image, you could build a NURBS surface or even just an extruded polygon with an extremely thin thickness. 

I imagine you could also use the deform tool on a straight extrusion, I don't remember if it would keep the image mapping post deformation.

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I just did one almost exactly like that the other day. My workflow is to simply ignore the LED tool as great is it may be. I create the module symbol I want and lay them out just like you would build the real thing which appears to be what you have done. I save those items to a specific class. I then create a “skin” for it that I save to another class that has the rendering texture on it. The downside is there is no plug-in object to do this for you. The upside is that the tile symbols look exactly like I want them to look in hidden line renderings and Renderworks results are just fine. 


Sometimes there is is no substitute for direct modeling. 

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I have done curved LED walls drawing a line curved how I want,   extrude it,  convert to a nurbs surface and then do a surface array of an extruded rectangle that is the size of the LED module.    You have to make sure you use fixed spacing so it doesn't distort your module size.

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18 minutes ago, Steve Clarkson said:

And I've created an array of Generic Solids, and attempted to Add Surface them together.

Add Surface is for 2D objects.  Try Add Solids.  Or to combine NURBS surfaces Stitch and Trim Surfaces.


You may also want to look at Surface Arrays.  In your case I would:

- Create the plan contour of the wall as a Polyline

- Convert to NURBS

- Copy and Paste in Place

- Set the z height of the copy to the top of the wall

- Use the Loft tool to create a NURBS surface

- Create a symbol for one LED panel (the top is the surface that faces out)

- both Sand Create Surface Array

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