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Worksheet Function / Criteria Question

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I was trying a little experiment to explore functionality of Worksheets 


I have drawn a 3 tread / step using 10 x  18mm sheet components all classed. pic attached  (3 risers, 3 treads, 2 sides and a back)



I wanted to create a demo worksheet which will return surface data and tell me how many sheets of 2440 x 1220 18mm ply I will need

I can create a worksheet which returns the SurfaceArea of the 18mm class but obviously that includes both sides and the thickness surface too 


I guess I could divide the returned number by 2 to get a more accurate figure but it's not ideal

I can see there is an "ComponentArea" function which states it can "The area (minus any holes) of one side of the components that meet the specified criteria" which seems ideal but it only appears to work on walls , roofs and slab objects

Any help / tips appreciated

Thanks all


Pic 1.JPG

Pic 2.JPG

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In VW2019 the Length, Width, Height functions have been fixed so they return the proper values regardless of the angle of the view. In VW2018 and before, they return the screen dimensions of the bounding box.


If you were in VW2019 I would recommend just doing the math yourself with =Length*Width.


In VW2015 you could do the same if your stairs are always aligned to the primary axis and you only recalculate the worksheet from a non-rotated Top/Plan view.

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