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Kevin McAllister

Items staying behind when moving grouped Sheet Layer Viewports


I am wondering if anyone else has seen an issue where some annotations objects stay behind when moving grouped Sheet Layer Viewports. The issue corrects itself when the viewports are ungrouped again. Its been bothering me for a while and I finally got around to Bug Submitting it this morning. Tech Support was unable to replicate the issue so I wondered if anyone else has experienced it. I am able to reproduce it in any file with sheet layer viewports, including a file started from scratch. The issue only appears if your graphics settings are set to Best Performance. I suppose it may be system specific but I have plenty of horsepower with an iMac Pro. I've attached my simple test file.






Before moving the grouped viewports -


After moving the grouped viewports. Note the test text, figure and red cross are in the viewport annotations and should move with the grouped viewports.


Viewport Move Test.vwx

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Hello Kevin. 


I don't understand how they can't replicate it, because you had explain this very well and yes: it doesn't work correctly.

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Easily replicated for me.  




Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 14.29.15.png

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Hi, Kevin, et al

Easily replicated for me, too.  Main factor is Nav Graphics Display pref setting.

Set up: one Design Layer with a few 2d objects. One Sheet Layer. 2 SLVPs on the sheet.  A few annotations in the SLVPS

Note that my system is older laptop, High Sierra.


Testing on SLVP:

1.  Drag the ungrouped VPs off the page boundary.  One at a time.

2.  Drag selection of both VPs off page.

3. Select both VPs>Group, then and drag the group off page.

4. Repeat with VP set to Iso views and OGL renders. 

5. Ungroup, then group each VP separately (group of one) and drag off page.


 Best Compatibility mode - 1,2,3,4, 5 all work as expected. Nothing left behind.  VPs display properly in new location.

Good Performance & Compatibility mode - 1,2,3,4 all work as expected.


Best Performance mode:

1. Works as expected. eg nothing left behind.

2. Works as expected

3. Fail:

  • Text annotations are left behind.
  • Geometry annotations are left behind, incl Slot object PIO, lines, arcs
  • Auto created Drawing labels stay with the VPs
  • User created Drawing labels stay with the VPs
  • Annotations retain color and relative position.
  • If Group is UnGrouped, Annotations relocate to proper orientation (might need screen redraw)

4.  Same Fail as 3 - some stuff is left behind. 

5. Same Fail as 3 - some stuff is left behind.



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Thanks to everyone who tested this. I'm going to report the findings back to Tech Support. Hopefully they will log it as a bug.




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