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Define input for later use

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the title of this question may sound a little strange, so I'll try to explain...

Let's say I have a network with 4 branches. Three of them depend on a choice so that depending on one of the three branches the network either draws a circle, a rectangle or a line.

These three branches are selected with three valve nodes.


The fourth branch is independent. I just displays some text. I want to feed it with either the string 'circle', 'rectangle' or 'line'.

Do do that, I'd like to define the string by attaching it to one of the three branches that emerge each from one of the valve nodes.

But how do I do this? Because the string node has only an output and not an input. I can only attach it directly to my text node.


As a workaround I could of course make 3 text nodes instead of just one and attach them to 3 valve nodes of their own which depend on the same choice from the 'beginning' of the node.

But this seems to me a little bit complicated, so maybe there is a more elegant way to define some input for later use?


Thanks again


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Could you either share this file or a simplified version of it so I can better understand what you're hoping to do?

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Oh thank you very much. I'll post it as soon as possible...

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