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Light Info Record fields

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After 2 hours of searching how to sum my projectors weight and wattage in a worksheet, I finally find that it wasn't possible with those original databases 'Light Info Record' and 'Light Info Record M' ! The issue is that weight and wattage are text fields ! So I change them to number fields and then I'm able to sum weight and wattage in a worksheet !


But then, there is another problem : when you change fields from "text" to "number" you have to put a default value, and then, all youy projectors loose their weight and wattage ! Then you had to manually update every projector's weight and wattage!


It will be convenient to fix those kinds of fields in "number" instead of "text" no? I know that users could do mistake by filling fields with multiple units (kg, lb, g, t, ...W, kW, ....) but it could be mentioned weight in kg and wattage in W by exemple. For exemple, lenght in 'truss record' are always in mm, and when you know that, there is no problem.


Fields that I change to be able to sum weight in my worksheets :


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We set the records with the weight in the LIR is in lb, the LIRM is in Kg, we have some older fixtures with the Wattage in Kw, all the newer stuff is in W.  The one thing you need to be careful of with numbers is that it is set to general, we had some issues with Dimension in a different record.  I can't recall exactly why, but we set the fields to be text for a reason.  

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@Rob Books thanks Rob. Effectively, if I set numbers to 'dimensions', worksheet display the lenght unit of the file (cm, mm, m, inch...). So I had to set it to 'general' as you said, and add suffix 'kg' and 'W'.

But there still remain a problem : if I put another projector and I erase 'Light Info Record' when importing this new projector, so this database has agin 'weight' and 'wattage' in text fields.

Is there a chance to corrige that in future upgrade?

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David -


I'd strongly caution you against changing the field formats in the "__VS-RecModData" Record. as you're going to end up with calculation problems when using projectors formatted in different units conventions.  (This is why the fields are Text fields - including Dimensions.)


For getting a usable number out of a Text field, you might look into using a format like "=VALUE('VS4-Projection'.'Wattage')."


Also, have you investigated using a Worksheet formula that ignores the last 3 characters ("_kg") of the Weight field?

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