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Connected corners inversion down-up

David Dauphin

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@David Dauphin I took a look at your file and I was able to get the truss to work.  There is an issue at the moment with triangle truss and connecting down point corners to down point straight lines of truss.  That issue has been filed as bug.  There are two workarounds that have been discovered to help with this issue.  


The first workaround is to insert the corner first and then insert the straight truss.  This seems to not cause any rotation issues and things will connect properly.  I know that this can be difficult at you may not know the exact distance to the other corner in the early planning stages.


The second workaround is to insert the straight lines of truss with the point down and then use the corner with the point up which is the wrong direction.  The software will rotate the corner appropriately and connect to the straight truss in the correct orientation.  I was able to replicate your rig in your file and attach motors and perform a calculation.  I had to remove your T-Corner when I made the rig again as this was causing the truss on the other side to be 3mm apart and not connect properly.  I have attached the file for you to take a look and try things out.  Let me know if you have any questions.

truss1 Workaround.vwx

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