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Clip cube section viewport and sketch or hidden line

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Hi all,


If I try to make a 3D section viewport from a Clip Cube, the viewport on a sheet layer works fine until I try to set it to "hidden line" or "sketch" - then the clipped part always comes visible again.


Anyone else seeing this?


2019 VW Designer Sp2.

104105662_Clipcube_sketch.thumb.PNG.675d0a3c9548c7e424b7c52917371334.PNGClip cube_openGL.PNG

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@JMR Hello. I dont show clipped graphics in sketch or hidden line, but from recall i think these graphic modes are programmed to show the entire model. I have just repeated your operation and yes it is not showing the clip in sketch and hidden line. It will show the clip in Open GL. Is that correct @JimWModeratorTest

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Thanks David.


Anyone from VW staff, is this working as intended? Could sketch/hidden line functionality be reasonably implemented to clip cube?

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We are having issues with this as well...it's unfortunate you cant render clip cube drawings in hidden line for our working sets.  @Jim Wilson is this how it's supposed to operate ... or a bug that should be logged?


In the meantime we worked around this issue by:

  • using open GL
  • in the Open GL settings
    1. uncheck "Use Textures"
    2. uncheck "Use Colors"
    3. check "Draw Edges"
    4. Thickness (pixels): "1"
  • Bump the ambient light up to max to remove shade and shadows
  • change the clip cube cut to black or grey 
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This is just a limitation at the moment, it is planned to let Clip Cube work in more places and in more render modes.

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Hi everyone, 

Is there any update on the progress for being able to show clipcube in hidden line mode? It would be really usefull !

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I agree with Blimey. There is any progress with the clipcube please? 

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