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Hello All I am sure this has been covered before, all I want to do is add a quantity column to my window schedule and to summarize the windows that are the same and have a total count.

So I have 5 W01 windows, I can het it to summarize so I don't see each W01 listed but I cannot figure out how to have a quantity column which seems like it should be easy.


Can anyone help?


Thank you very much

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Formula for the Qty column should be =Count.  That will show how many objects have been Summarized into a single subrow.

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Hello Pat thanks for the response.

Sorry I may need a bit more guidance on this, so i create a new column for QTY, do i need to set any parameters for this?

Where does the formula get inserted? I have tried inserting at the header and in the individual cells that I would like to total but its not working.

I'm using Vectorworks 2018 on Mac.


Thank you again for your help


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Sorry for the delay.


The Criteria set the objects that are going to return in each database row. It sounds like you have done that part OK and have all the objects you want in a database.


The SUMmary option collapses the subrows so that there is a single subrow for each value in the column that is SUMmarried.


The =Count formula will go into the Header Row (ie. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.) for the column that you want to show the number of objects in each row.


Insert a new column where you want the total and enter the =Count formula into the header row and you should get what you need.

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